Neurotic Decay.... A six piece Metal/Industrial project based out of Long Island, New York formed in 2004. If you like heavy music, then this is your band!!! If you're into bands that dont follow rules in music and say fuck you to the norm and trends, again, this is your band. We take no prisoners when it comes down to writing and playing heavy shit for people who wanna hear it. Our influences stem from early classic rock/metal and fusion, to early thrash, death and black metal, grindcore, early hardcore, industrial, current underground and whatever catches our liking. Each member of Neurotic Decay comes from various bands and backgrounds, taking each others styles to create a sick live act of deafing insanity to new levels...

We are in no way, shape or form a nu-metal, emo, or one of those "obscure" bands that cram 15 riffs into one song and expect you to understand it!!! This is rock and roll people, not fucking pee wees playhouse!!! We don't complain, ponder, or sing about not getting enough love as a kid and "neglected". Grow some balls motherfuckers and dont sissy-out rock and roll and metal for your own benefit... Death to posers and Cheers!!! from Neurotic Decay!!!

Neurotic Decay Is-

[eric] guitar
[brian] guitar
[jay] bass
[rob] drums
[dan] keyboards and sampling

Equipment We Use and Support-

M-Audio, Apple, SWR, Ampeg, Warwick, Gibson, BC Rich, Tama, Paiste, Roland, Samson, Behringer, Monster Cable, DigiTech, AKG, Mackie, JBL, Shure, Furman, Marshall, Propellerheads, BOSS